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Hydraulic Presses
Technical Features
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Hydraulic Presses: Technical Features


With the exception of column presses, all models feature a welded steel frame for optimum strength. The inside of the frame is easily accessible for maintenance, with the removal of panels from the side and top of the machine.


The rams are fully machined and honed, and incorporate cast rings for maximum service life. A special polyurethane wiper collar and scraper keeps out moisture and dirt. Some models are fitted with a hard chromium cylinder rod, which resists rust and pitting and provides a longer service life.

Pressure Setting

Except for the 5 tonne, a pressure-adjusting valve situated at the side of the press on all models quickly changes the ram load setting and is controlled by turning a knurled hand wheel. The pressure on the ram can be adjusted to any required gauge reading up to the maximum capacity of the press. For extended service life, the gauge is protected by an isolator valve.


The pump is fully immersed in oil, and the gear section provides the fast approach speed for the ram. The piston section provides the high pressure for capacity rating. For maximum efficiency, the flow from the pump sections matches the power output from the motor.

Control Valve

The rotary fitted to the standard presses incorporates specially developed seals unaffected by particles in the oil. The rotary action of the valve is self-cleaning and does not wipe other areas.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment comprises a metric-range T.E.F.C. electric motor, with direct on-line push button starter, and with overload protection. Supply is 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz. Customer is requested to advise of local supply conditions if different from specified rating.


EHP presses are quickly set up and easy to operate. Standard control stems from a guard-interlocked operator's lever, which controls the ram movements down, up, and hold, from any position. An operator's guard is usually fitted and coupled directly to the control valve, thus providing a guard operation for the ram.
EHP specialize in designing and manufacturing production facilities for specific requirements. Using standard parts whenever possible, machines are purpose-built and can be supplied fully tooled, ready for production.

EHP engineers liaise closely with customers at every stage of a project, ensuring production demands are met. Experienced service engineers provide after-sales service and assistance when needed.